16 best ceiling fans for extra airflow in 2023
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16 best ceiling fans for extra airflow in 2023

May 14, 2023



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When decorating your home, you can be the King or Queen of the neutral, minimalist decor — but, with a unique ceiling fan, you’ll have a chic fixture to tie the entire room's aesthetic together.

You’ll be surprised by how much these above-mounted lights (and blade-spinners) can add to your home. They come in plenty of different shades and styles to suit your space, too.

"The first thing to consider when shopping for fans is your price point and how you want to control the fan," Caitlin Carmichael, head of Lighting & Ceiling Fans at Wayfair, exclusively told the New York Post. "Pull chain fans are easy to operate and budget-friendly. There are also wall-mounted controls and remote control fan options for those who are seeking a bit more for convenience and additional features."

Ahead, New York Post Shopping outlined the best ceiling fans you can buy right now, while Carmichael shared her expertise — including what to look for in a ceiling fan and how to properly install one — in our in-depth FAQ section.

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With more than 1,200 positive reviews on Amazon, the Prominence Home Benton Low Profile Ceiling Fan is New York Post Shopping's top choice, namely for its affordable price point, low, unobtrusive frame and traditional look. Plus, it comes in a few shade options with reversible blades, allowing you to switch out your room's look if you so choose.

The Portage Bay Hugger West Hill Ceiling Fan is one of the best budget ceiling fans you can buy, with a look similar to our "best overall" pick. Namely, this model is backed by more than 3,500 rave reviews for its easy to assemble and relatively noiseless design.

As one of the most-searched-for names in the ceiling fans biz, Harbor Breeze has a lovely Mazon Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan that's clad with a remote for streamlined use. With nearly 4,500 applauding reviews — including a five-star rating for "value for the money" — it's an energy-efficient, easy-to-install and chic-looking model.

Rustic meets modern farmhouse with the Hunter Port Isabel LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. Its ornate detailing makes less-than-$300 a great price point, and we adore its lantern-style lights and well-made blades.

As one of our favorites on this list, the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Strasser Ceiling Fan has to be one of the most elegant we’ve laid our eyes on. If you love the cooling properties of a traditional ceiling fan but want a chandelier-style statement, this model is a true winner. Not to mention, it comes with a remote control and a well-made drum shade.

With a name like Honeywell, you know it's going to be good. Shop the brand's top-rated and readily accessible Xerxes Ceiling Fan that comes in a few hue variations to best match your space. With nearly 3,000 rave reviews on Amazon for its quiet noise level and ergonomic use, it's a solid option to buy, especially to control its three speed settings on the included remote.

The Fanimation Fans Kute Ceiling Fan is calling, and wants to be in everyone's home that's styled with white furniture and gold accents. This is the ideal ceiling fan for those who want a chic edge to their space — lighting included. The best part? It's WiFi and Bluetooth-compatible with a remote and is apt for indoor and outdoor use alike.

For a match-all, relatively affordable outdoor ceiling fan, the Hunter Cassius fits the bill. Namely, it's spinning on more than 3,600 rave reviews (see what we did there) and is said to provide ultra-powerful airflow on quiet performance. It's also simple to operate via its pull chains.

Now this is a ceiling fan. Add the Mika Aire Fans Xtreme H2O Ceiling Fan to your cart if you’re (1) looking for a regal-soaring fixture for your space and (2) want the peace of mind that your next model is well-rated and handsome-looking.

Not to mention, its smoked iron finish coupled with eight smoked iron blades to match adds a mansion-grade element to your home — especially to accompany your outdoor patio furniture.

For less than $200 on Amazon right now, we recommend picking up the WINGBO Modern Black Walnut Ceiling Fan with Curved Blades for an elongated design with much character. Specifically, its a three-speed, dual-directional fan that features 15-watt LED lights, all of which cast lights in three different color temperatures: warm white, daylight and bluish-white. For the price, it's well worth the spend.

Black and brass? Yes, please! We love the sleek nature the WAC Lighting Swirl Soft Brass & Black LED Smart Ceiling Fan provides, along with its soaring, curved blades and smartphone app-paired design. That said, it's compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, Ecobee, Control4 and Josh AI.

With your app, this model automatically synchs to control the fan speed, access the smart breeze mode and help reduce energy costs — especially when you step out of your home.

For smaller spaces, a dome-shaped fan is your best bet — and we adore the Mistana Antenore Ceiling Fan. It just so happens to be a Wayfair's Choice item, much ado to its retractable blades (allowing you to modify your light fixture as just a chandelier if you desire), powerful yet quiet motor and perfect blend of sleek curves and wooden beaded charm.

You asked, we answered. Our readers love West Elm, and we just so happen to love the brand's Henry Perforated Steel Ceiling Fan. It's a splurge, for sure — just shy of $450 — but its sleek, modern look, remote control-operated design and energy-saving LED light centerpiece make it worth your hard-earned coin.

For super large spaces, the BOJUE Wood Ceiling Fan fits the bill and won't cost you upwards of $1,000. Even better, it's made of pure natural high-quality wood, comes with a remote control and is the holy trinity (as far as ceiling fans go): high-efficiency, low-temperature and energy-saving.

With a nature-inspired look, the Artemis XL5 Distressed Koa LED Ceiling Fan with Remote is a surefire splurge we recommend making. Specifically, it boasts a 16-watt dimmable LED light at its center — in sharp-looking tinted opal glass — is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and helps save energy. Overall, it's one of the nicest we’ve come across.

Ahead, Carmichael gives us the 411 on ceiling fans — including what their benefits are, what to look for in a quality model and how to properly install one.

As mentioned, understanding your price point and your preferred method of fan control is something to look for.

"The next thing to consider is whether you want your fan to have a light or not," Carmichael tells The Post. "Some fan lights are dimmable, which can allow you to go from working or reading to watching a movie from the comfort of your couch."

What's more, if you want your fan to be both functional and stylish, ‘fandeliers’ have become a customer favorite — why decide between a fan and a chandelier when you can have both!

In terms of aesthetic, blade design is also an important consideration."There are retractable blades, hidden blades, windmill styles and more,"Carmichael adds. "Blades also come in many finishes, including virtually any wood tone or shade of metal — some blades are even reversible in case you want to switch styles up."

Most of all, ceiling fans are an energy-efficient and budget-friendly option for cooling your space. "In addition, some fans offer additional features, including ionizing models that improve your home's air quality and clockwise settings that circulate air without creating a draft which can help distribute warm air efficiently in winter months," she adds.Ceiling fans also serve as a focal point in the room, creating levels of lighting and adding visual interest to your space. "With endless shapes, sizes and finishes, fans can complement any style of decor by adding texture and character to your space," Carmichael notes.

According to Carmichael, fan bodies and engine housing are typically made of aluminum, steel or cast iron.

"The blade material varies based on end use; blades on household fans are typically made from solid wood, manufactured wood or plastic, whereas commercial and industrial-use fans have steel or aluminum blades that are designed to operate at higher speeds," Carmichael explains.

"Installation for ceiling fans can vary between manufacturers but generally the process is similar across most brands," Carmichael notes. "If you’re not familiar with the installation process for lighting fixtures, it's best to call an installation professional."

That said, the process can take about one to two hours and generally follows the below steps:

"Fans are sized by diameter of sweep, and both square footage and ceiling height should be considered," Carmichael notes.

Below is a guideline that can be followed when shopping for a ceiling fan based on the size of your room:

Any rooms larger than 400 sq. ft will likely need more than one fan.

According to Carmichael — depending on where you plan to install your fan — be sure to confirm the fixture is safe for dry, damp or wet use by checking its UL certification, a third-party certification that verifies the safety of a product.

"Damp rated fans are appropriate for bathrooms or covered patios, while wet rated fans can withstand direct rain or snow and are more appropriate for something like a gazebo," she advises.

Separately, if you have a higher ceiling and/or want your fan to hang lower, check that the product includes a down-rod.

"If you need a longer down-rod, you can often find them sold separately," she adds. "If you have an angled ceiling, check the product specifications to ensure that the product is ‘sloped-ceiling compatible.'"

Check out the New York Post Shopping section for more content.

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